Chiropractors are portal-of-entry providers.  This means that you do not need a referral from another doctor to see a chiropractor.  It also means that a chiropractor can be your primary family physician.  Chiropractors are trained in physical exam just like medical doctors, and have the knowledge to recognize when referral is necessary for treatment outside our scope of practice.  For families choosing a more natural, alternative approach to health, a chiropractic office offers a low stress, supportive environment.

Chiropractic philosophy recognizes that the body is intelligent and has the capacity to heal and regulate itself.  The science of chiropractic has shown that stress on the nervous system can interfere with the body’s healing and regulating systems.  It is through the art of chiropractic that we remove the interference and allow the body to return to balance.  Therefore, chiropractic is perfectly suited to be your first line of defense against loss of health.

You and your baby have just been through the incredible journey of birth.  Now what?  Chiropractic care can help you both adjust to your new life together.  Adjustments are a safe, gentle, and highly effective solution to many common complaints, including issues with sleep, breastfeeding, fussiness and digestion.  Chiropractic care will aid your own recovery from the pregnancy and birth, optimizing your healing process.  Adjustments will ensure your pelvic and spinal joints return to normal, and active care will rehabilitate and strengthen your core and postural muscles.

A chiropractic adjustment can help stimulate labor, help labor progress, help encourage baby into the optimal position for birth.  The adjustment will calm your nervous system and you will be better able to relax and allow your body to do what it was designed to do.

Even if you have been under chiropractic care through your pregnancy, even if you were adjusted yesterday, it is still a good idea to get your spine checked now.  Yesterday you were not in labor.  Significant changes have occurred inside your body and you will benefit from a chiropractic check up to make sure your body is handling those changes as best it can.  You have a lot of work ahead of you and an adjustment can make that work more efficient and reduce complications.

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As your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows, your center of gravity shifts and the relationships of your spinal and pelvic joints change in compensation.  Your spinal and pelvic joints become misaligned in the process.  Joint misalignment stresses your nervous system and causes imbalance in your pelvic ligaments.  A stressed nervous system and unbalanced musculoskeletal system will affect your overall function, and affect the space in which your baby can develop and grow.  These changes will also impact the processes of labor and birth.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve the stress on your spine and nervous system; restore and maintain balance in your pelvis.  You will enjoy a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy.  Your baby will enjoy the freedom to develop to their fullest potential and to get into the proper position for an easy and gentle birth.

Women who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy enjoy significantly shorter labors and easier births, with less risk of complications.