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I saw numerous chiropractors in the area with the same result; quick adjustments with no help in addressing the underlying issues and a strong push to come several times a week for unnecessary appointments. I was determined to find a chiropractor I could trust and this drove me to widen my search. I was fortunate to find Dr. Erica Bullock - she is not only trustworthy but also incredibly talented and compassionate. She has a gentle but effective approach. She is the ONLY person I would recommend for prenatal and children's adjustments. She has extensive knowledge about improving health using natural approaches and was a wealth of information. She always took the time to listen to my concerns and to ask me related questions about my lifestyle. I went home not only relieved from my constant back and pelvis pain but also with daily exercises to strengthen my spine. Towards the end of my pregnancy, when I was really struggling, Dr. Bullock would call or email between appointments to check in and offer advice. She made my pregnancy tolerable (I could barely walk before I started seeing her as my pelvis was so misaligned) and the birth went extremely well, so I assume my pelvis was in good order! After the birth of our daughter, I had some new back pain and Dr. Bullock, without delay, made a house visit to adjust me and provided a free infant exam and adjustment for our baby girl, which was awesome. The quality of care she provides to her patients is unheard of in today's busy world.  I can't recommend her highly enough! -A.W.

"Dr. Erica has been a tremendous support to our family in ways beyond words could deliver.  I have been seeing Dr. Erica since the third trimester of my pregnancy.  Her chiropractic care eased lots of discomfort not only in my back and hips, but also improved the Prenatal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome I struggled with daily.  Besides prenatal chiropractic care, she also offered encouraging birthing advice that made me feel confident and strong.

My husband and I consider Dr. Erica as our baby girl's primary care provider, and we hold high respect of her advice.  The one notable story we tell parents who are skeptical of infant chiropractic care is how Dr. Erica helped us through breastfeeding hurdles.  Our baby had perfect latches since birth.  However, we soon noticed that she would latch on better on my right breast than the left.  A few days later, she became reluctant to latch onto the left breast.  None of the pediatricians, nurses, and lactation consultants at the hospital knew why, until we visited Dr. Erica.  She immediately pointed out that the baby's neck was not turning to the right properly.  I nursed her using the football hold, so she had a hard time turning to latch on the left breast.  Dr. Erica gave our baby a full exam as a pediatrician would, and offered us many infant care advice and tips.  After Dr. Erica's adjustment, we could tell that our baby felt better instantly, and her neck's range of motion became smoother.  Nursing her on the left breast was no longer a struggle.

In addition to breastfeeding dilemma, Dr. Erica also answers many first-time parent questions with profound scientific explanations.  The amount of knowledge she offered us ranged from baby sleep pattern to nursing gear tips, from teething remedies to baby wearing, from developmental toys to travel suggestions - anything that arises, she is happy to help.  She patiently explains things from both the parent's and the baby's perspective, which helped us to understand our baby's needs on a whole new level.  After each adjustment and advice, our baby became less colic, we grew more confident as parents, and as a family, we all adjusted to this new world well.

We began visiting a regular pediatrician at month two, and she was surprised of our baby's development and our knowledge as first time parents.  I full-heartedly believe that we would not be where we are now without Dr. Erica's persistent support.

Thank you for reading this testimonial.

The Williford Family."

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